About Us

Ecoline International Ltd. is an independent environmental, health and safety, and social (EHSS) consulting company. Founded in 2015, it brought together diverse EHSS professionals to accommodate the demands of its multinational clients from Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Mongolia, and Turkey. This diversification accommodates the changing geopolitical situation and provides greater professional development opportunities to the multinational staff at Ecoline International Ltd.


The mission of Ecoline International Ltd. is to improve the natural and social environment by providing high quality, efficient, and task-specific EHSS consulting services to companies, authorities, and other stakeholders, while supporting the professional development of its multinational staff.


  • Accountability
  • Performance and professionalism,
  • Efficient and effective manner to the highest professional standards,
  • Creativity and sustainability,
  • Collaboration and respect,
  • Equal opportunity and diversity,
  • Addressing gender gaps in the EHSS consulting world
  • Commitment to continuous learning.

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Ecoline International Ltd. provides the following consulting services:

  • Project-level environmental and social impact assessments and the associated management or action plans;
  • Environmental and social (including health and safety) due diligence (ESDD)
  • Socio-economic impact assessment of planned project development;
  • Stakeholder engagement analysis
  • Strategic environmental assessment;
  • and other

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