Accountability: We take responsibility for delivering on our commitments to our clients, employees, and partners.

Performance and professionalism: We aim to complete our assignments in a practical, efficient, and effective manner while adhering to the highest professional standards.

Creativity and sustainability: We are constantly looking for creative and innovative solutions to tackle our clients’ assignments in line with the principles of sustainability.

Collaboration and respect: We work as a team of motivated experts committed to respecting the ideas, values, and needs of each other and our clients.

Equal opportunity and diversity: We do not discriminate against any groups or individuals, and we are committed to gender equality in the workplace.

Addressing gender gaps in the EHSS consulting world: As a women-run company, we promote family-friendly working policies and aim to provide opportunities to female specialists so that they can meet both their work commitments and familial responsibilities.

Commitment to continuous learning: We are committed to fostering continuous learning and professional growth among our staff.